Why work with us? ️

Reason 1: Our Team
Your colleagues will be generally nice, normal people, many of whom come from outside the "online marketing bubble". We generally look for indivduals with an interesting personality, strong communication skills, high general intelligence, talent for negotiation and ability to work well in a team.

Reason 2: Day-to-day life quality
The client-facing roles are designed for a 25hour work week. We think much more doesn't really make sense as we tried it and just became too unfocussed and genuine interest in the client's case was significantly reduced. Many of us do something on the side - be it research for a PhD, a jazz band or just long-term travel. AutoSuggest can be a great complement to something else.

Reason 3: Work remotely, long-term
We're a fully remote team - but otherwise we are a very normal, almost boring company. We think long-term, make plans, have regular meetings, training, processes, documentation etc. If you do not want to go to an office but otherwise want to have a "normal" job, this is it.

Reason 4: Earn more money
We outpay almost all other remote consulting jobs, and on a per-hour basis also more than top entry-level jobs with office presence. While you may earn less than in a big consulting firm, it's more than enough to live a good life almost anywhere in the world - and enjoy a lot of freedom while doing that.

Reason 5: The clients are interesting
On a given day you may talk with a small consulting business, a large software corporation and a mid-sized firm in an industry you yesterday didn't know exists. There is some bias towards high-margin sectors like finance, consulting or software, but with plenty of exceptions. Our clients are mostly professional marketing managers and usually don't start "from zero" in conversations. Calls are roughly half-half with an individual or with a group (the record so far was 8 people!).

Reason 6: The work is interesting, too
While some things do indeed repeat itself, configuring the products for the individual client's case is always a new challenge. We're really a "competence center" for what we do and many things that seem simple on the surface actually aren't. We do have an account management team but we don't strictly separate the roles as other companies do - so you can stay in touch with your clients if you like and don't have to hand them over to the accountmanagers after their first booking.

Reason 7: Software customized to your work
We developed all our tools (like our CRM, tools for keyword research, monitoring, billing and data analysis) by ourselves. This way, we have smart processes and pay no license fees, which means you can spend more time on actual work and less on overhead activities that don't add value. This way, we can pay you more, as things like licensing cost are (indirectly) subtracted from your salary in other companies.

Reason 8: Training, Documentation & Mentorship
We ensure you will feel welcome from day 1 at AutoSuggest - with special training for new consultants and "personal buddy" assigned to you as a mentor for the start. At the beginning, emails to prospects and clients are reviewed before sending - we invest time and effort and give feedback. While there is some potential for improvement, there are internal Wikis with a lot of information on autocomplete marketing that are useful for the start and as a reference guide later.

Reason 9: A product that works well
Well, actually two products. While somewhat self-evident, our services do actually work and our client base is quite happy, in many cases, even very happy (we had several clients attempt to buy our company after using the service). This holds true for AutoSuggest, but also for AutoRanker - while our claim "We will get you to the first page of search results" sounds generic, we do get very creative when it comes to implementation - and it really works. There are exceptions to everything but mostly our clients are happy and stay with us.

Reason 10: Ethics and compliance
We use a standardized qualification process for all prospects - in particular we steer clear of "danger topics" like politics or medical advice. We do not provide services in these areas (and a few others). All new clients and campaigns are checked against internal compliance guidelines. When implementing a new booking, we can only add autocomplete suggestions that are actually useful, subtle and truthful.

Reason 11: Experienced team, in it for the long run
We've experience building and selling complex technology products. Some of the team is now over a year with us and has "seen it all". We will support you when things take longer than expected or when things do not go well. We stick together and take a long-term perspective - we’re not interested in quick one-off deals & fast bucks. It takes time to build out great relationships with clients just as it takes time to build a great company.

Are you not sure yet whether to apply? We're happy to answer any questions you may have by email - just contact Joschka by emailing hr@autosuggest.io.