Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the listing of my suggest take after hiring you?

Of course we try to achieve the listing of your suggest as fast as possible. Normally it takes around 3-8 weeks after hiring us until your suggest is being displayed in the autocomplete function of the search engine.
You only pay the one-time setup fee when hiring us, the monthly fee is only charged if your suggest is listed. That means the time until the suggest is listed is free (besides the setup fee).

If I book a keyword with you, can my competitor do the same?

No, because we sell all keywords exclusively. That means if you book a keyword with us, your competitor cannot book the same keyword with us anymore, it is blocked in our system. The exclusivity is valid per keyword and market (e.g. DE).

How much is the success rate of your service?

The success rate depends on the specific keyword and the search volume. Our success rate in total is around 80-90%. If our service does not work and your suggest is not being listed, no monthly costs occur, that means we take the full risk.

Do you provide any reporting tool?

Yes, starting with the Pro plan, you have free access to our dashboard, that offers you different analytic possibilities. For example, you see how many impressions your suggest had, on which rank it is being displayed, and also after which character your suggest is already being displayed.

Will the suggest remain listed, even after cancelling your service?

In most cases no. Normally the suggest only remains listed for as long as you hire us, because otherwise the search volume will be too low and your suggest will be removed again by the search engine.

How do you check if my suggest is really being displayed?

We have a self-developed tool for this that checks different locations within your market (e.g. UK) everyday. Only if you are being displayed at all randomly chosen locations with your suggest, we will charge the monthly fee.

What payment methods are supported?

We support payment by credit card and wire transfer. You can manage your method in your client area.