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Becoming an AutoSuggest partner

AutoSuggest offers select marketing agencies the option to become an accredited partner. This offer is geared towards "power users" with strong general online marketing expertise and a larger pool of clients that they want to manage in one account. It means offering AutoSuggest as an additional service in your portfolio.

Since over 3 years do agencies achieve good results and concrete competitive advantages for their clients with AutoSuggest - by paying less per click/acquisition and positioning the brand of their client favorably against others.

Becoming a partner is a significant commitment and involves substantial training on how to configure and manage AutoSuggest campaigns. An AutoSuggest partner is somebody who bundles a large number of clients in one account and has competence to manage campaigns in the interest of their client base.

Upon completion of mandatory training and passing a certification, partners can create and manage campaigns on behalf of their clients with the support of our team. Partners represent the interests of their clients and can add, edit or remove campaigns.

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