AutoSuggest gets you additional website visitors from search engines which convert at a high rate to new customers.

new customers
New Website

AutoSuggest brings new visitors to your website. Depending on the keyword and the suggestion, you can roughly expect 20 - 200 website visitors per month for a listed keyword.

ad spending
Get leads
& sales

Since the website visitors are very targeted (they searched for something you are offering), it is likely they will convert well into leads for your sales team and/or buy something.

reach new customers
AdBlock users

Depending on your industry and market, roughly 30% of your audience is using an AdBlocker in their browser. It's very difficult to reach this large, affluent audience - with AutoSuggest, you can.

Position your

While not as good as a click or a conversion, a potential prospect at least seeing your brand name once is better than nothing and - over time - signals continuity and market acceptance to your audience.

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This is how your future prospects will find your business:

User types keyword
1. Prospect types keyword

The prospect starts typing a keyword related to your product or your service in a search engine.

User types keyword
2. Prospect notices and clicks your suggestion in the autocomplete box

While typing the prospect notices an interesting suggestion that stands out. The prospect clicks on it, because it is exactly what he or she is looking for.

User types keyword
3. Prospects sees search results and clicks on your website

The prospect now sees the search results for "keyword + your brand". These are now highly centered around your website, as your brand name was included in the search query. The prospect clicks on your website.

User types keyword
4. Prospect is on your website

The prospect browses your website and is ready to go through your sales process and / or to be picked up by your sales team. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a conversion.

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For which businesses is AutoSuggest ideal?

Generally speaking, campaigns in the B2B or high-priced B2C space tend to be quite successful. As a rule of thumb, the more you earn by one additional client and the more complex the decision-making for your product or service, the better AutoSuggest will probably work for you.

Examples of industries with a good fit: software companies, IT consultancies, financial service providers, law firms, realtors and real estate services, insurance brokers, specialised travel, coaching and training, high-end consumer products, interior design, renovations, home safety, building materials, electricity and internet providers, everything with cars, private medical practices, plastic surgeons, dentists, innovative physical products, hr services, boutique consulting firms, agencies and other business services.

This list is not exhaustive and there are plenty of exceptions outside those industries but it's a good overview of what generally works well.

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Understand & measure website traffic and conversions

Analytics screenshot

AutoSuggest is normal SEO traffic. You can track conversions such as new customers with an analytics tool of your choice and understand your return on investment.

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Monitor & optimize your campaign

AutoSuggest dashboard

We will set you up with a login to our client area, where you can monitor all autocompletions in your personal dashboard.

Data is updated daily and our additional e-mail reports ensure that you always stay on top of things – which suggests are shown at the moment and how visible they are. All data can be exported anytime for analysis or for reports to other stakeholders in your firm.

Furthermore, you can see any recommendations for your campaign and use our internal Keyword-Tool.