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how it works
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How we add your suggest:

We instruct human users in your target market (country / city) to search for your booked keywords including your website / company.
Our users are instructed to search for specific search queries by our AI.
Our AI takes over 30 indicators into consideration like geolocation, search history, time, IP quality, etc.
By letting our users search for your booked keyword together with your website / company, the search engine connects the keyword with you.
Approximately 3-8 weeks after hiring us, your suggest will be displayed in the search engine.

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This is how your future prospects will find your business:

User types keyword
1. Prospect types keyword

The prospect is searching for a keyword related to your product or your service.

User types keyword
2. Suggestions are displayed in autocomplete function

While typing the keyword the prospect notices your interesting suggestion that stands out.

User types keyword
3. Prospects clicks suggestion

The prospect clicks your suggestion, because it is exactly what he or she is looking for. The search results are now entirely dominated by your website / company, as your name is included in the search query.

User types keyword
4. Prospect is on your website

The prospect visits your website and is ready to go through your sales process and / or to be picked up by your sales team. Job done.

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